Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gone Wireless, Finally

I have finally dragged myself into the 21 Century of Internet accessibility. I have now gone wireless in my home. Before, I would drag all the cables and stuff along with my laptop into the whatever room in the house I wanted to be in at the time and have to reconnect everything. Cables would be all over the floor, not to mention the mess I made of my office unhooking everything. (I hate cables and wires!) Then I would have to reconnect everything back in the office when I was back in there.

So this is my excitement for the week. Gone wireless! Now maybe I will pay more attention the my blogs here, seeing as I can be outside if I wanted or just relaxing in the bedroom, and get an inspiration. I can just blog away anywhere.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Potatoes, Potatoes

I’m so excited!! I have potatoes growing beside my back porch. Now some of you would say, “So what! I grow potatoes every year.” Well, I have not been able to have a real garden since I was in my twenties. That has been over fifteen years ago. I have lived in areas where conventional gardening was out of the question. I have container gardened; cultivating herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, leafy greens, squashes, some beans and even a couple of stalks of corn one time. Some things didn’t like being confined to container and wouldn’t produce well. But I keep trying.

So, back to how excited I am about having some potatoes growing out back. It was actually a goof, just to see if they would grow. I was going to have mashed potatoes for dinner one night and when I got out my bowl of potatoes, some of them had started to grow some very nice “eyes”. I thought to myself, it would be cool if I planted them and they grew. So I just cut them out like I remember doing as a child, and used the good part for dinner. I took my cuttings outside and dug a little trench beside the back porch and covered them over. I really didn’t think they had a chance to survive, as it was the beginning of March and still pretty cold outside. But survive they did and they poked their stems out of the weeds and dead grass where I planted them. I pulled the weeds away so they could get more sunlight and I could see them. They are growing strong and I cannot wait until they are ready for harvest and I enjoy some of my very own home grown potatoes.