Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Full Moons of August-2012

Well August is upon us.  And this year the month of August will bring us not one, but two full moons.

The first full moon this month is August 1 and is referred to as the Sturgeon Moon.  This comes from the Algonquian Indians who lived around the Great Lakes of North America and is the basis for the Farmers Almanac moon names.  During this full moon, the sturgeon of the lakes were more easily caught.  Other names for the full moon of August are:
  • Wyrt Moon - Wiccan
  • Lightening Moon - Pagan
  • Grain Moon - English
  • Dog Moon - Colonial American
  • Dispute Moon - Celtic
  • Fruit Moon - Cherokee
  • Women's Moon - Choctaw
  • Green Corn Moon
  • Red Moon - because of the reddish hue it has sometimes
The energies associated with the August full moon are ones of abundance, agriculture and marriage.  This is the time to begin collecting and harvesting herbs and storing them for the year to come.  This is the time to do any magic to help yourself in accomplishing goals and enjoying the benefits of your hard work. This is also a time to help others who have given their permission to do so.

The second full moon of the month is on August 31.  Most people believe the meaning of a Blue Moon is the second full moon within a month, which happens, on average, every 2.7 years.  The historically correct meaning of a Blue Moon is, the third full moon of four occurring within a season.  With July, August and September being the season of the Summer Solstice, the second full moon in August should meet that definition.  People like to use the phrase "once in a blue moon" to refer to something that does not happen very often.