Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Have All The Manners Gone???!!!

Today was the annual St Patrick's Day parade for our area.  A nice little affair, that in the minds of us locals, heralds the beginning of Spring.  Even if it is only 40 degrees and raining.  Locals from all over converge on the Beach Road ready for the festivities to begin. Alot of people arrive an hour in advance to get a good seat and a view of all that passes by. 

Here is where my problem begins.  At least today.  I have a hard time believing the audacity and rudeness of people that arrive late to an event and push their way in and stand in front of others.  All without even saying excuse me, is this spot taken, nothing!!  They just push right in.  Today was a good example of this.  I found a good spot to park, making sure to ask the landowners permission to park where I was, and set ourselves up right at the edge of the road.  I put out my chair and the hatch was up on the back of the Jeep.  My boyfriend and his mom wanted to stand and the dog was behaving well.  A lady set her elderly parents up on the down side of the wind, using my Jeep as a wind block.  They got all set with their chairs and blankets and were enjoying the view.  That is until the rude people started to arrive,  First it was a man and woman that were late and just came up and stood in front of everyone.  I couldn't see what was coming up the parade route, until it got right in front of me. They finally moved off, but was replaced with a group of woman and their misbehaving brood tagging along.  They also just stepped in front of the elderly couple and the little old lady had to stand to see.  I swear, they had to be close to 90 years old.

I said to my boyfriend how sad it was that lady had to stand to see because of people standing in front of her, loud enough for them to hear.  One of them turned around and looked, but it didn't register in her brain they were in the way.  Now some people would say that I am rude for speaking up the way I do.  I don't agree.  My mother taught me manners growing up and I remember to use them.  I say please and thank you, respect my elders, will hold a door for someone and appreciate someone holding a door for me.  I play fair, make sure I ask permission to use someone else's things, and avoid making rude noises or smells in public.  Mother said that is what the bathroom is for.  I say something about rude people because I am sick of being walked on, and just letting it go.  Too much rudeness is taking over the world.

Anyway, I just have a HUGE problem with people that have bad manners.  I guess they were never taught.  But there is still no accounting for bad manners or rudeness.  So if you read this and have children, please teach them manners.  If you were never taught yourself, take an etiquette class and share the lessons.

This whole world could use a little more "please" and "thank you"!  Have a great day!