Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Five Minutes At A Time

With a heart condition that limits my physical abilities and stamina, I have had to come up with a system to get things done that I need to do.  I have always been active, carrying on projects both inside and outside the house.  I love to be outside and work in the yard.  I have little vegetable gardens around the house, instead of flowers.  I love flowers also, but the vegetables taste better.  Anyway, in order to keep up with the work and be active, I take on projects five minutes at a time.  Work five minutes, and rest.  Catch my breath, let my heart quit working so hard, and five more minutes.  Every day is different.  Sometimes I can go a little more than others.  But I get things done, it just takes a little more time than normal.

My concept behind many small vegetable beds, instead of one big garden is simple.  I can manage the small ones, without feeling overwhelmed.  Trying to do one big garden would leave me feeling unsuccessful, and I would give up on it.  Each one I finish is an accomplishment, and I can move on to the next.  Get one done a day, so to say.

I love to mow the yard, and thank goodness for my little riding lawn mower!    It takes about 45 minutes to mow, going at a nice steady pace.  I like to take this time to reflect, think, or just appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.  Or all three!  I have this really cool hat that my boyfriend's mom gave me, and I have added some embellishments to it. Flowers from here and there, and a ribbon around the brim.   This is my mowing hat.  Sometimes I wear it just working in the yard,  It makes me feel eccentric. 

I use this concept inside the house also.  With cleaning, I pick a room at a time or a project.  For example, if I wanted to wash the windows, I do one or two and rest if I have to.  Five minutes at a time.

I find making a list helps me also.  If I put six items on a list, and have four checks, I feel very satisfied.  This helps me keep things going.  Helps me get things done. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flower Moon - May Full Moon

Last night was May's full moon, know as the Flower Moon in Native American lore.  It is the time much of the earth is bursting forth with flowers, encouraged by the warming temperatures and ample rains.  It is also referred to the Corn Planting Moon, as the name indicates, because it is time to plant the corn.  Get your hands into the soil and plant your flowers or gardens.  It is a time of fertility and passion, and has been referred to as the Hare Moon also.  Guess this is the time the little guys are the busiest.  No matter what you call it, there is nothing as beautiful as a full moon majestically hanging in the sky, drawing you towards it with its energy..  Next full moon, get out and just take a nice long look.  Appreciate the glory and energy it has to offer.