Monday, January 12, 2009

Back To Roots

I need to get back to my roots. Not going home or anything, but back to the basics of me. Too long I have just made it through each day just to get to the next, and have not enjoyed the ride getting there. I need to savor every day and realign my karma to bring back harmony in my life. It's like a Christian going back to church.

My spirituality is very deep and I have tucked it away. I need to bring it back out and start honoring my beliefs again. I have been struggling with my creativity recently and I know it is because I am in a rut. I have allowed myself to become mired down in what is the muck of everyday life and I need to pull myself out. If not for my own soul and peace of mind, but maybe to improve my daily life with better karma.

Getting back to the natural religion I practice, will improve every ounce of my being. Reading and researching will not only sharpen my mind, but bring the necessary information to help imporve my health. Improved health and mind leads to improved quality of life.

I want to refresh myself on the use and healing properties of herbs and crystals. What comes from nature is some of the strongest medicine you can find, and in the right combinations can heal anything.


I've been lazy lately. I have not been thinking about my blog at all. Well, maybe in the back of my mind, but that's all. I have all this neat stuff I make up in my mind to blog, but it gets no further than that.

With the Holidays finally behind me, I want to start taking this undertaking of mine seriously. I started blogging because I wanted to practice my writing skills. But if I don't write, there's no practice.

I was able to go "home" and see my family after Christmas. With all that is going on with my health and unable to work like I used to, money has been very tight. Christmas was a very slim affair in my household. One of my sisters sent me money for gas to make sure I came. I love my family and miss seeing them, but I am still on a path away from them.

I was able to visit with my nieces and nephews I hadn't seen for two years. I spent time with my Mom and my sisters. I was concerned with how my Mom looked. Her skin color was not so good. She looked very gray and I asked her about her pace maker. She said she felt okay, but I knew better. After I got home I still bugged her about going to the doctor and getting her pace maker checked to be sure it was set to where she needed it to be. She just recently got it put in, so it wasn't tuned into her yet.

Just the other day, I get phone calls from two of my sisters, telling me they were taking Mom to the doctor. But she didn't know it yet. My one sister had called my Mom's doctor and told them about my Mom's color and energy level and they said to bring her in that morning. My Mom works for this sister. So when she got to the office, my sister told her she had a doctors appointment.

So, long story short, her pace maker was set too low and they bumped it up a little. She says she feels alot better and her color looks good too. I told her when I called that she wasn't allowed to be mad at us for shanghaiing her. We were only concerned for her health. So all is well. She knows we love her and not just being bad children. :-)