Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I need to think outside of the box.  I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to do with my life to make a living.  I keep asking myself why I can't think of anything.  I want to put my creativity to use.  Money earning use.  This is where thinking outside of the box comes into play.  Just because I would not buy something because I can make it myself, does not mean everyone feels that way.  As my other sister once said, not everyone is "crafty".  My dream is to think of a nitch that people with disposable income will be interested in purchasing on a regular basis. 

I was talking to my sister today and we are both in the same boat.  She is creative also and is having a hard time with depending on conventional work.  We both decided it was our own insecurities that was holding us back.  To explain this, we were not given any encouragement growing up to go for out dreams.  Now it is time for us to break out of that rut and become successful women.

Alot of what is holding us back, second to the confidence, is money.  It takes money to purchase materials to create products to sell online.  And neither one of us want to make shabby products.  So we need to get a small list of products developed and out there, then once there are some sales we can take that money and reinvest in more products and expanding mediums.  Wish us luck!

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Cold Here

I moved to the coastal area of North Carolina about 12 years ago now, searching for warm and sunny, lazy beach days. I lived in the northern part for Virginia in the mountains, where in the winter, it got cold. Well the cold is creeping southward. For the past three weeks, we have been experiencing lower than normal frigid temperatures. They have ranged anywhere from 25 to 38 degrees on average.

Venturing out on a windy day late last week, I came home with some interesting pictures of ice forming over the causeway leading from the barrier island to the little island I live on.

This is a photo of ice formations on the grass along the waters edge of the causeway.

This is a shot of the rocks lining the road that are covered with ice.

I thought it was so interesting that the water froze in a miniature of wave action.

Today was one of the first warm days since the temperature drop.  I think it got all the way up to 48 degrees.  Tomorrow will be warm also and then its back to scarves and gloves again. :-)